Monday, March 22, 2010

Quarter-year review:

So the year is almost 1/4th of the way over, and I've decided to recap.

On January 6th I won the Boise Weekly Fiction 101 contest with my story "The Swells."

Here is what it looked like:

Pretty cool huh?
That same day I had teriyaki chicken for lunch. I ate it at work, in the cafeteria, while pondering my future. The fortune cookie said this:

Yes! Damn right, fortune cookie. I popped the fractured cookie in my mouth and savored its sugary goodness. This was the year of Luke, I knew it. I sat poised to take over the literary world with my small-town newspaper publishing credits. The universe was on my side.

Then I got laid off.  January 18th. My daughter's birthday. Suddenly, I had nowhere to eat my teriyaki.

Now I am a slob with too much time on my hands, and I'm running out of excuses for not writing. That's really what this blog is for, I think: to encourage its author to write something.

All in all, I guess I'm calling the first quarter of this year a wash, but the game ain't over yet. I'm ready to pounce. I feel like a young Simba, and the world is my Zazu. C'mon rest of the year, where you at? Look who's got a blog! Not so tough now, huh?


  1. That publishing credit is pretty impressive, really. Professional pay. In fact, more than most writers will ever make per word! Quality over quantity, ya'all.

  2. Give the people what they love --- post some writing, SOON!

  3. Dude, keep writing. I enjoyed the tiny bit that exists already. :)